Hi, I'm Tolu.

Web Developer.

Mover. Writer. Media and Cultural Studies Scholar.

About Me

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I'm a New York native who went to college in Iowa. I earned my B.A. in Sociology from Grinnell College through a lot of research and writing about popular culture (ask me about my summer studying affect theory and the Step Up dance film franchise). I wrote my first line of code in 2012 for a cross-disciplinary “Humans in the Digital Age” course, and after 12 weeks at a code camp in 2015, learned enough to start building the world I want to see. Technology is only as good as the real world problem you're solving, and I love having the tools to do just that.

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Some other things I love: Words. Not in high quantity, but of high quality. I've had a number of original articles published (and broadcasted) for wide consumption. I take interest in languages where rhythm and tone are distinct, like Brazilian Portuguese and my mother's native Yoruba. I'm also partial to dancing. Some would call that a gross understatement but they're not here right now. My favorite dance memory ever has to be the time that I got called out to dance for these guys at this festival.

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What else? I'm a curious person. I was the only girl on my high school's football team because I wanted to try a sport I'd never played before. I learned a new language and spent four months living in Brazil because I wanted to learn about the place with the largest Black population outside of Africa. I took the plunge to enroll in a coding bootcamp and learn 2 programming languages in 12 weeks. I truly enjoy trying new things, and when I like them, I commit. (And then push to Github.)