Hi, I'm Tolu.

Web Developer.

Mover. Writer. Media and Cultural Studies Scholar.


I have experience with React, Ruby on Rails, and several APIs. Below are some projects I've built.

Screenshot of You Mean Racist? a Chrome Extension built by Tolu

YOU MEAN RACIST? is a Chrome Extension built using JavaScript. It searches your current page for coded language often used by news publications to soften the impact of racial discrimination, and corrects it. Featured in an Outline article here.

Screenshot of Hi, Who are You? a Twitter tool built by Tolu

HI, WHO ARE YOU? is a tool built using React JS, Express, and Twitter's API. It allows you to search your Twitter followers' bios to find those who work in a particular field or company. It's particularly useful for journalists looking for informed connects.

Screenshot of 'Long Live the Group Chat', an interactive media experience contributed to by Tolu

"Long Live the Group Chat" is an interactive media experience on which I used React JS to build the foundation of the scroll-conditional message rendering.

Screenshot of @OutlineBot a Twitter Bot built by Tolu

OUTLINE BOT is a bot built using Express, Node, and Twitter's API. It tracks Twitter users using the wrong handle to tweet about The Outline, and gently steers them to the correct handle.

Screenshot of Bound App, built by Tolu

BOUND is a web app built using Ruby on Rails, jQuery, and the APIs for Google Maps and iTunes. It was conceived with the commuter in mind: it takes in a route, and along with directions and duration, returns podcast suggestions that neatly fit the trip time.

Screenshot of The Bodega Boys soundboard, built by Tolu

BODEGA BOYS SOUNDBOARD is a soundboard built using JavaScript and HTML5 Audio. It uses sounds from the popular comedy podcast The Bodega Boys to construct an interactive experience where the user can use their keyboard to mix and play common sounds from the podcast.

Screenshot of Quick Pro-Con, built by Tolu

QUICK PRO-CON is a web app built using HTML5 Storage and JavaScript. It serves a Pros vs. Cons list in the browser that saves between sessions with no login required.

Screenshot of Quotiferous, a site built by Tolu

QUOTIFEROUS is a static site from the days of yore. Made using HTML, CSS and jQuery, it was built primarily for self-motivational purposes. Upon refresh, it randomly selects one of my favorite motivating aphorisms and a new background.